Monday, 12 November 2012

5 Northern Pikes

Lloyd Lake has always produced great northern pike. So have our other lakes. In fact, you can catch pike in any of the 4 lakes we have on offer. There are lots of them in the 5 to 25 lb range, and they're aggressive once you have 'em hooked. This past season, none of the boats fishing for pike ever came home without having caught at least one decent pike.

Here are 5 great sharks we saw in our 2012 season. Tight lines!

The first beauty of the season. Caught by our very first guest at the end of May.
One of the beautiful pike this group caught on an afternoon in early June on Lloyd Lake.
Trevor's first hour of his first evening. Caught on the fly. 20 lbs or so.

One of the season's beauties, caught on Preston Lake.

Although he's usually fishing for walleye, Derrick occasionally hooks up with a nice pike too.