Monday, 11 February 2013

New Year’s Ice Fishing Adventure

We've been quiet for a few weeks, but we're busy as can be planning this spring and summer's Lloyd Lake Lodge fun. Still, you've got to make time for fishing, and we just couldn’t wait until spring. We headed up to Lloyd right after Christmas. Getting there in winter takes some doing, but we were determined. It’s fair to say that 4 people have never been more grateful for the heat of a wood-burning stove!

Winter is breathtaking at Lloyd. The trees are bent under the snow’s weight, and it’s completely silent, save for the cruch-crunch of snow under your boots. We were, of course, eager to go fishing. Once we found the fish, it was awesome fun. Pike after pike, walleye, and even whitefish waited at the end of our hooks. No showers for 7 days, but it was worth it!