Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy 2013!

Looking back on 2012, we can’t help but smile with pride. We’ve accomplished a lot. We could talk about the renovated cabins, the new Lund boats, the sweet EZ-Dock, or the complete revamp of Lloyd Lake Lodge, but those things (which were necessary and very cool) are small when compared to how much heart it took to get them done. We want to thank our family, first and foremost our grandma and grandpa. When they introduced us to Lloyd Lake as kids, they gave us a place where we could make memories. They set the foundation of strong family values, teaching us to love, share and help each other make our dreams realities. Lloyd Lake is their legacy.

We were able to spend unforgettable time fishing with our grandmother this summer. Catching walleye off the dock, long into the night, as the stars shone down with my grandpa smiling on us from above, was a personal highlight.
We would like to thank the person behind the scenes, our mom, whose incredible organizational skill and years of business experience makes everything run smoothly. She makes it all seem effortless. You’re remarkable.
From L to R: Uncle Terry, Granny, Mom, Derrick and Dad.
Our dad was also instrumental in the past year’s success. He spent the entire summer at the lodge playing with his tractor and making the airstrip smooth as butter. While the airstrip is no small feat, he also played architect, engineer, demolition man, and contractor. And yet he still managed to pick blueberries until his thumbs hurt. You’re welcome, dad. In all seriousness, though, our favourite part of having you up there was the chance, after a long day, to cast a line with you.
Through all our crazy lodge adventures in 2012, we added to the Uniat family. Dez married Elize. He simply has had the best year of his life to date. Derrick is also grateful for this development because she’s taken Desi off his hands and landed the largest fish of the season. (No, really, we’re talking about an actual fish.)
Thank you to our clients, who are now part of our extended Lloyd Lake Lodge family. You’ve had an opportunity to experience our slice of paradise, catch a bunch of fish, and create priceless memories. Perhaps we’re biased, but our clients have all come to the lodge with great attitudes, ready to have fun, and that has made it a blast for us.

Being an outdoorsperson means more than just catching fish. It means sharing laughter and wisdom, teaching old friends something new, playing pranks, being silly, trading stories, and really listening. The lodge simply creates a point in time where people connect. People live in the moment when they’re here – they’re without the daily pressures of life – and that’s really cool for us because we get to share these key moments in our guests’ lives where they’re worry-free and can feel at ease. At the end of the day, they hook into a walleye and are able to share that moment with someone else – whether it’s the guide in the boat, the best friend sitting across from them, or one of us waiting eagerly at the dock when they return. It’s not just one of us who can do this. It’s all of us together, and we want to thank our many awesome guests for choosing Lloyd Lake last year and allowing us to be a part of their lives.
We promise that we’ll continue to work hard. We’ll continue to follow our passion and make the lodge the best it can be. A wise person once said that good people attract good people, and we hope to open the doors of our lives and business and make those words come true. We want to hook our guests for years to come. It makes us so proud that we have several repeat guests from 2012 who have already booked for 2013. Their happiness inspires us.

We are thankful. Here’s to a 2013 full of tight lines.